Colour is one of the basic elements of our existence. Every day of our life is in one way or another affected by an intense relation with the world of colours. “Dipintore” has the know-how and experience of translating all of this in a complete paint service, starting from the basic consultancy up to the realisation of unique wall-coverings and decorating elements which express a vital approach, and thus giving us a renewed ability of relating to the world through Colour!

“Dipintore” is a young and vibrant Company qualified and specialised in:

  • Industrial and civilian paintworks
  • Interior decorations and finishing
  • Plasterboards

Our Services

Painting in Busnago

Painting in Monza and Brianza

Decorations and finishes in Busnago

Decorations in Monza and Brianza

Plasterboard in Busnago

Plasterboard in Monza and Brianza

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