When you contact and meet our company team, you will immediately perceive our knowledge of colours and painting and the great passion that distinguishes our work method and the knowledge that prompts us to suggest to the client ideal and unique proposals. Ours is a team built with well integrated and qualified young individuals, who have already matured a noticeable professional experience. Our team guarantees services in line with the most modern technologies and based on a Client Project. In addition the team complies with the regulations of safety on the job.
“Dipintore” has the know-how and experience of painting walls and surfaces based on the more traditionaltechniques, performs painting jobs by paying the utmost attention and guaranteeing an exceptional cleaning at the completion of the job.
“Dipintore” is a patient partner proposing the most updated and innovative solutions to your painting needs. It can execute the most modern techniques available and in use to achieve valuable decorative effects, like buffing, sponging and glazing, as well as the more prestigious marmorino stucco, puttying, Venetian stucco, stencil and spatula in general.

We operate mainly throughout the areas of Milano, Varese, Bergamo, Brescia, Monza and Brianza