Volunteer Association for the transportation of disabled people

There are Local Associations that go out of their way to do a lot for the life of the fellow citizens in the community. One of these is the VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION for the transportation of disabled people of Busnago (MB): a not for profit volunteer association that cares for the transportation and escorting of disabled, ill and elderly people.

An institution that has become already a point of reference for the Town of Busnago. Thanks to the support of the local community, from 2001 to 2005 have been purchased: three transportation vehicles, suitably fitted for the comfortable and safe transportation of riders; plus various types of medical materials have been purchased (like wheelchairs, beds, crutches, etc.), now at disposal for the community.

Requests for the services supplied by the VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION for the transportation of disabled people are constantly increasing, especially in consideration of the on going increase of population and especially for the rising of the average age of fellow citizens.

The Dipintore fully supports the activities of the Association and invites all to take part in many of its initiatives, because the service can be utilised only thanks to the volunteer contributions by many people. The VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION is always looking for drivers, chaperons and people that can give a helping hand.

You can contact the VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION Transportation for Disabled by calling 039.6956026 or 039.6957583.

Rowing Tritium

The Rowing Tritium team is situated in Trezzo d'Adda (Milan), it founded in 1967 by Don Samuele Testa and trains his athletes in the water mirror in front of the Visconti Castle and the historic hydroelectric power plant "Taccani". Many athletes and many medals have occurred in over forty years of sport activity that is little kwown but that gives great satisfaction.
The Rowing Tritium team is a small company but of national fame, his athletes are also known and respected in Europe and worldwide.
Everyone can practice rowing by 10 years on, it is not difficult and it will eventually begin to love your boat, you live and you can appreciate the nature of the Parco Adda and the life of the team that became a family of friends.

Come and visit us, our coach Pep Colombo who formed many champions, will show you how to fly on the water!